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"Roof Flashings and Accessories to Wholesale Distributors"

Plus "Fabricated Lead Products to Industry"

"Medical/Nuclear Radiation Protection Products"

Product Index

Industrial Lead products

Alloys of Lead Glass, Leaded for Radiation Shielding
Anodes (lead Anodes) Gypsum Board, Lead Lined
Antimonial Lead  Gypsum Board Installation Instructions
ASTM B-749  Ingots Lead
Attenulead Sound Shielding Lead Sheet Nuclear Shielding
Babbitt  Pipe 
Ballast  Plate Lead 
Bar and Wire, Lead  Plywood, Lead Lined
Brick, Lead  Pharmacy, Nuclear Lead
Bullet Alloys Radiation Shielding 
Castings, lead (industrial & Nuclear) Safety
California Resale Certificate Sheet Lead
Cut Lead Parts (Custom ) Sheet Lead Thickness Chart 
Door Frames, Lead Lined  Shot
Extrusions Solders
Environmental Brief Specs & Submittal Sheets
Frames, Door Lead Lined Tape Lead For Radiation Shielding
Frames, Window Lead Lined Waterproofing (lead for waterproofing)
Environmental Brief Window Frames, Lead Lined 
Frames, Door Lead Lined Wool, Lead
Frames, Window Lead Lined  


Roofing Index (Flashing, Lead Roofing, Shingles, Accessories)

2# Lead Flashing
2.5# Lead Flashing
4# Lead Flashing
Auto-Caulk Flashings
Cap Vent, Roof
California Resale Certificate
Commercial Flashings
Dormer Vents
Flashings, Auto-Caulk
Flashings, Lead
Roof Flashings 
Roofing Materials, Lead
Solar Panel Roof Flashing
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