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Radiation Shielding
Download CSI 134900 Specifications for Radiation Shelding
Radiation Shielding

Lead Shielding - Lead is a primary material for radiation shielding.
Leads density makes is one of the preferred materials for high energy radiation applications; x-ray, gamma ray, nuclear

Santa Rosa Lead Products supplies the building blocks for radiation shielding. Our
Lead sheet, lead bricks, leaded x-ray glass, lead gypsum and lead door frames.
Are used extensively within the medical, industrial and high energy technical industries.
Download Specifications CSI 134900 - Radiation Shielding

Interlocking Lead Brick (see our page on lead brick)nuclear pharmacy lead

Extensively used for High energy radiation shielding, behind walls, within doors..
Available sizes:

Lead Sheet - Available in roll form or cut sheets. (see our page devoted to lead sheet)

2# Rolled Lead Sheet
(20' Rolls)
2-1/2# Rolled Sheet Lead
(25' Rolls)
4# Rolled Sheet Lead
(25' Rolls)

X-Ray Leaded Glass - Available in several thickness and shielding levels. (see our pages on leaded glass)

Lead Lined Drywall / Gypsum
Santa Rosa Lead Products supplies pre-lined gypsum board used for radiation shielding applications. The level of protection is determined by the thickness of sheet lead applied to the drywall. Call us with your requirements.

Lead Lined Plywood
Santa Rosa Lead Products also supplies pre-lined plywood for radiation shielding construction applications. The level of protection is determined by the thickness of sheet lead applied to the plywood. Various thickness of plywood are available. Call us with your requirements
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