2 1/2(#) All Lead Flashings Residential & Commercial
Standard and Custom Flashings

All Lead, 3lb(#) Base & 2 1/2# Riser, Seamless 12" Adjustable Riser 
Residential & Commercial Flashing

Standard Lead Flashing
Ideal for composition and other types of roofs that do not require conformity to its shape, as with tile roofs. This flashing is adjustable & available with a counter flashing (see below)

Tile Lead Flashing
This Flashing is specifically designed for the tile roof. The base size is larger, so it can easily fit over tile. Properly installed, this lead flashing will outlast any roofing system. This flashing is adjustable and available with a counter flashing


All Lead, 4lb (#) Seamless Counter Flashing, Boxed

Allows for expansion & contraction of both roof and pipe (free floating).
Maintains venting area, fits securely when used with SRLP flashings. 
Specified by consultants everywhere


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