Lead Ingots - Lead Wool - Water Proofing Lead

Lead ingots

Santa Rosa Lead Products supplies pure lead ingots.
Ingots are supplied in strings of 25 pounds each in 5 pound sections.

lead wool

Lead Wool consists of chemical grade lead drawn in long, fine strands. These strands are then twisted together into 5/8 inch rope. This lead rope is used for many applications, including caulking. We typically supply 'lead wool' in 5 pound boxes or in 50 lb. waterproof bags. Our lead wool is certified to meet Federal Specification QQ-C-40. 

 Waterproofing Lead Products

Lead can be used for waterproofing. Lead sheeting and lead pans, when properly installed, provide an moisture barrier. Lead is very stable and a lead moisture barrier will last as long as most building. (Lead Roofs have been known to last 200 years) Lead can be used to line reflecting pools, fountains, plant boxes, and more. Our sheet lead can be used to create a perfect water barrier.

Lead specified for waterproofing purposes should be at least 4#., 6#., or 8#. or 1/16, 3/32, or 1 /8 inch thick..

Lighter weight and thickness can be used for The lightest weight for smaller like a shower stall

Larger projects, like reflecting pools or large fountains should use a heavier weight lead sheeting with a much higher safety factor of total impermeability.