Lead Lined Frames

Lead Lined Door Frames
Santa Rosa Lead Products supplied hollow metal doorframes: 16-gauge cold rolled steel and lined with sheet lead to equal surrounding wall lead, whether lead lined sheetrock or stacked lead brick. Frames are sized to your wall: The available door hardware is available knockdown or welded. Download Specifications CSI 134900 - Radiation Shielding

Lead Lined Gypsum Board

Santa Rosa Lead Products lead-backed gypsum wallboard is furnished as 1/2-inch or 5/8-inch “Type X” fire code gypsum board meeting ASTM C-1396 classification, with pure lead sheeting meeting federal specification QQ-L-201f, factory laminated to the backside of the gypsum panel.

Additional shielding accessories would include lead strip, screw penetration lead disc covers (“buttons”), and additional sheet lead for the shielding of cutouts or other penetrations as may be in the wall for electrical, plumbing, medical gas, instrumentation tubing, etc.