Lead Sheet - Specifications and Stock Sizes


Santa Rosa Lead Products (S.R.L.P.) provides pure lead sheet which meets
ASTM Designation: B 749 (the standard specification for lead and lead alloy
strip, sheet, and plate products) and Federal Specification QQ-L-201f (Federal
Specification covering lead sheet used for chemical and structural purposes).

Sheet lead is readily available in 1#, 2#, 2-1/2#, 4#, 6#, and 8# (lbs./sq. ft.).
Other thicknesses are available, including lead plate (up to 1" thick),
Call for details. Sheet lead can be cut to any size, up to a maximum
of 4' x 25' (4' x 20' for 2# material, 4' x 20' for 1# material)

Safety Data Sheets (S.D.S.) and copies of the above-referenced
specifications are available from S.R.L.P. upon your request.

Our lead Sheet is used extensively in all our Radiation Shielding Products - For Specifications

Download Specifications CSI 134900 - Radiation Shielding

Attenulead Sheet Lead - Noise reduction application for S.R.L.P Sheet Lead
This commercial product is designed to assist in limiting noise attenuation through walls.

Sheet lead is one of the basic materials for acoustic control systems.

Applications include:

  • commercial building

  • hospitals

  • schools

  • manufacturing plants

  • Multi-family structures 

  • Hotels

Lead offers important advantages to other noise control solutions, due to its density and malleability.

It is typically supplies in 1/64" thick x 4' wide x 20' long rolls. 
Custom sizes are available. upon request.

Lead is an extremely efficient acoustic barrier material by itself or fastened directly to studs as part of a wall structure. Our lead sheet suitable to be adhesively attached to plywood or gypsum wallboard. S.R.L.P. also offers prefabricated lead lined plywood and sheet rock.