Automatically Caulking (SELF-SEALING) Flashings


Autocaulk flashings

This type of flashing features a flexible seal that is die-formed to flashing (one piece). The flashing is totally waterproof will not leak, rot, peal, chip or crack.
It is suitable and adjustable to most pitched roofs.

There are 4 sizes. One to fit any style vent stack, Copper, Glass, Plastic or Steel, standard, extra heavy Soil Pipe, DWV and Transite; They fit 1.5, 2, 3 and 4 inch. SRLP"Auto-caulk solid seal flashings" are made with galvanized steel bases. The EPDM Rubber Collar is permanently attached, so the flashing mounts as one piece. It is usable on up to 40º roof pitch. Our special compounded EPDM Rubber collars are precision injection molded to offer long life and outstanding resistance to weather, ozone and oxidation.

Do Not Use the flashings on this page for hot mop applications.